Eichhof nursing home, Lucerne

The highest level of sensitivity required

The refurbishment and extension of the Eichhof nursing home in Lucerne built in 1973, constitutes a model for building for the elderly in the present day. The guidelines were to ease orientation through clarity, to maintain individuality through comfort and to simplify care through functionality.

The construction of two atria played a crucial role as they serve as orientation aids as does the colour concept. Rooms with single or twin beds replace those with four beds akin to hospitals.

The entrance hall is reminiscent of a hotel lobby and constitutes a meeting point with its open infrastructure. Opposite it, the new centre for the elderly offers patients with dementia the necessary architectural support by means of clear structures. The protected garden also forms part of this concept.

Year 2008
Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client City of Lucerne, Building Department
Architects Itten+Brechbühl AG
Study contract 1st Prize 2003
Planning 2005–2006
Start of construction 2006
Start of operation 2008
Floor area 13 300 m2
Construction volume 47 300 m3
Housing units 7
Beds 144
Photos Markus Beyeler, Hinterkappelen