Retirement home in Lugano-Canobbio

The project for a new retirement home in Canobbio proposes a market-leading building capable of redefining the sector; it solves a complex urban situation in a simple way whilst respecting the centuries-old trees and the existing buildings on the site.

A simple three-storey body, which houses the private spaces of the rooms, rests by creating a bridge over service volumes. Through this gesture the ground floor space is defined to be generous and flexible, able to be used for both public and collective functions. The project reacts sensitively to the morphology of the terrain and generates a permeable meeting space, which in turn creates a square on the northern side of the site, welcoming visitors and leading them through a large foyer to the park. The building is oriented to enjoy the best of the beautiful views onto the lake.

Contact person Lidor Gilad
Client Ente Casa anziani Canobbio-Lugano
Architects / General planners Itten+Brechbühl AG
Project start 2019
Start of operation 2023
Construction volume approx. 28 000 m3
Visualizations Filippo Bolognese Image Srl