Apartments for the elderly, Bethesda Park, Basel

The Stiftung Diakonat Bethesda foundation has created a large communal residential project on reserve land in the Gellert district. Together with the Bethesda Spital hospital and the Gellert Hof nursing home which opened in autumn 2014, a health centre campus has sprung up between Gellertstrasse and Scherkesselweg. This is situated in an attractive park with an ancient stock of trees. To prevent traffic in the park, the existing parking garage on the lower level has been extended to include another 200 spaces.

As part of the development of the area, the new build has been constructed with 62 spacious apartments for the elderly, based on the applicable standards for age-appropriate residential buildings. Around half the housing units have 2½ rooms, and the rest have 1½ or 3½ rooms. The spaces vary between 40 and 120 square metres. The apartments are divided into seven upper floors and each has its own loggia. The park terrace on the first floor has been designed as an additional outdoor area for residents.

The entrance zone on the ground floor is arranged in the form of a meeting space with a lounge area, complemented by five publicly accessible medical practices. As orientation plays an important part for residents and patients in particular, emphasis has also been specially placed on the signposting concept.
The new building takes on the styling of the campus, with façade bands running around it. It thereby fits harmoniously into the overall appearance.

Contact person Jürg Toffol
Client Stiftung Diakonat Bethesda, Basel
Architect and General planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Construction management Itten+Brechbühl AG
Competition 1st rang 2014
Planning 2015
Start of construction 2017
Start of operation 2019
Floor space 14 942 m2
Apartments 62
Photos Yohan Zerdoun, Freiburg im Breisgau