Minoteries, Geneva

In spite of the energy turnaround: respect for a building from the 1970s

The Minoteries complex with 329 rental apartments originates from the 1970s. The renovation required will primarily improve the energy consumption and bring it up to today's standards. The character of the buildings is to be preserved in the process.

The main alterations:

  • insulation of the building shell,
  • improvement of the roofs including the installation of photovoltaic elements,
  • repair and optimisation of technical installations.

This enables the Geneva strategy of using 100% renewable energy to be met.

The redesign of the galleries on the ground floor is the most conspicuous alteration. Removing the roof creates transparent and more accessible rooms in this area - and an improvement in the safety situation.

Year 2019
Contact person Robin Kirschke
Client Ville de Genève
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Competition 1st prize 2010
Planning 2010 - 2015
Start of construction 2016
Start of operations 2019
Floor space 41 048 m2
Construction volume 131 353 m3
Appartments 329