Inselspital Bern, Intensive care, Emergency and Operating centre (INO)

A modern hospital is a flexible hospital

The Intensive care, Emergency and Operating centre (INO) was the first building in Switzerland to be planned and built in accordance with the principle of system separation. The shell of the building and the support structure form the primary system which was planned and executed independently of the secondary system. Within this structure, IttenBrechbühl developed the secondary system which consists of modular concepts with interchangeable room building blocks. In the process, free strategic space was deliberately provided for.
The INO comprises the following areas: intensive care, A&E, the operating centre, radiology and nuclear medicine, laboratory medicine, sterilisation unit, and the abdominal centre. This makes the INO unit one of the most powerful treatment centres in Switzerland.


Interior Design

IttenBrechbühl designed and built a functionally outstanding facility, which creates a modern, pleasant atmosphere in a comfortable and light environment.


Year 2012
Contact person Jürg Born
Client Canton of Bern
Architect / General planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Competition 1st Prize 1998
Start of construction 2005
Start of operation 2012
Floor area 49 100 m2
Construction volume 169 000 m3
Minergie Label BE-940
Photos Rolf Zimmermann, University of Bern; Sandra Stampfli, Bern

Film INO des Inselspitals Bern
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