Spital Sonnenhof – Conversion and expansion, Bern

The project includes several targeted interventions in the urban planning and exterior areas, which will take the spatial and structural conditions into account and take fullest advantage of available space (including expansion of bed capacity and conversion of the surgery tract with entry / anaesthesia unit).

The new structural measures preserve the clarity of the original, evolved ensemble, where one can tell when the various building sections were erected by their facades, and which perpetuates the history of the location.  

The sections are complementary, not least due to their overall homogeneous exterior design, but at the same time significantly enhance the presence of the complex regarding the visual effect of the Sonnenhofspital and its identity.

The project is also designed with the interior in mind, taking into account the operational and functional aspects that are so essential to any hospital.

Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client Lindenhofgruppe AG
Architect / General Management Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2015 - 2018
Start of construction 2017
Start of operation 2020
Floor area 16 757 m2
Construction volume 52 257 m3
Beds 124