Confédération Centre, Geneva

The shopping gallery will be functional and harmonious

The Confédération Centre in Geneva's town centre, first opened in 1985, is beginning to show its age. Visitor numbers have fallen markedly. The shopping gallery was in urgent need of renovation.

On entering the gallery, visitors can now take in most areas and see the access to them at a glance. Lifts, escalators and stairs complement each other, ensuring that all floors are effortlessly connected.

The shop fronts are in full view as the supporting columns are designed to be as slim as possible. As a result, the gallery has an open appearance with its eleven metre width. The design is characterised by soft, round forms. The moulded plywood used on the undersides of all the galleries and connecting bridges gives a futuristically modern impression.


Contact person Robin Kirschke
Client Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung
Architects Consortium Ramseier & Associates Ltd. und Itten+Brechbühl AG
Study assignment 1st prize 2013
Planning 2013 -2018
Start of construction 2019
Start of operation 2020
Floor area 15 582 m2
Construction volume 51 421 m3
Visualisations Copyright by Ramseier & Associates Ltd., Zürich