Machine laboratory ETH Zurich

Following in the footsteps of IttenBrechbühl co-founder Salvisberg

ETH's machine laboratory is situated in the middle of Zurich's university district. The building complex constructed between 1930 and 1935 dates back to designs made by Otto Rudolf Salvisberg - co-founder of IttenBrechbühl along with Otto Brechbühl. The building represents a perfect example of the approach of moderate modernism. It is listed in the Swiss directory of protected buildings.

The building work comprises refurbishing the building shell and the technical systems, dismantling the boilers in the power station, strengthening the supporting structure with regard to earthquakes, guaranteeing fire prevention, redesigning various access zones and extending the usable space. The work will be carried out while the laboratory is operating.

Article appearing in «NZZ» dated 15th of July 2015 (in German only)

Contact person Alexandro Bühl
Client ETH Zurich, Real Estate Infrastructure Area
Architect /general planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2013 - 2020
Start of construction 2016
Start of operations in stages starting from 2018
Floor space 10 500 m2
Construction volume 53 800 m3