UBS Branches, throughout Switzerland

New design for more than 300 branches

UBS wishes to strengthen its brand in its Swiss home market and at the same time launch a new operating and service concept which relies more heavily on personal reception and individual advice. The design concept, "Branch Format", has been developed for the more than 300 UBS branches and 70 cashpoint locations. Self-evident, not over-designed: that is the impression the new designs make. The ideal UBS branch consists of the external area, the 24 hours zone, the sales area, the consultation area and the back office.

The challenge to IttenBrechbühl was to adapt all these elements to the completely different structural conditions and in the process to maintain a consistent overall image.

Year 2014
Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client UBS AG
Brief Implementation of a new visual identity for all branches in Switzerland
Designers FITCH
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Number of branches 302
Planning and construction mock-up May - July 2010
Planning and construction of pilot projects July - November 2010
Planning and construction of branches September 2010 - 2014
Photos Sandra Stampfli, Bern