Head Office of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Luxemburg

Bright free-standing building with striking floor plan and large atrium

The site of the «Grossfeld» master plan lies to the south west of Luxemburg's Old Town. The land for PwC's new headquarters is part of this expansion of the town.

The two wings connected by the atrium are slightly angled and they form an exciting structure that makes maximum use of the lighting conditions. The façade is given structure by its alternating wooden geometry and designed as a transparent double façade. The building offers expansive views of the park-like surroundings.

The atrium has six floors. With its slightly dome-shaped glass ceiling, this space underlines how generous also is the interior of the complex. On both sides of this atrium, broad passerelles connect the two wings of the building.


Interior Design

Light freestanding structure in striking geometry. The alternating wood structure in the interior defines the generous, six-story atrium and integrates similar office units according to PwC standards. The overall building is characterised by precise and disciplined colour and material choices.


Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client B.G.1. SA
Architects p.arc Luxemburg; Itten+Brechbühl AG; Schemel Wirtz Architectes, Luxemburg
Competition 1st prize 2006
Planning 2007-2009
Start of construction 2012
Start of operations 2014
Floor space 49 390 m2 incl. garage
Construction volume 170 300 m3 incl. garage
Workplaces 1800
Parking spaces 414
Awards Green Architecture Award 2015
Photos Johannes-Maria Schlorke, Saarbrücken