Fire station Forsthaus West, Bern

Fire brigade operating from fire station in forest

As the town of Bern stretches far to the west, the fire brigade has moved its station to the edge of Bremgarten Forest which has good transport connections.

Like an urban mediator, the station interposes itself between the energy centre in the west and the goods yards to the east. The elongated main wing of the building is also very spacious, comprising five storeys and a pronounced west section.

The main wing consists of the vehicle hangar on the ground floor, the control room, recreation rooms, the administration as well as foyer, office and theory room. The single-storey workshop section joins on to the main building on its northern flank. The multi-purpose hall serves the purpose of providing specific technical training as does the exercise and training tower.

Year 2014
Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client Hochbau Stadt Bern
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Start of construction 2012
Start of operation 2014
Floor area 12 400 m2
Construction volume 62 000 m3
Photos Philipp Zinniker, Bern