Geneva Cornavin Station

Disentangling a traffic hub

With 120 000 passengers every day, Geneva's Cornavin station is one of the largest railway stations in Switzerland. Swiss Railways (SBB) commissioned the GECOR consortium under the architectural leadership of IttenBrechbühl with the refurbishment of the building which dates back to 1931.

The buildings and arcades intended for passengers were converted in order to give the station an overall organisation structure which travellers can immediately grasp. The opportunity was taken to restructure all activities such as customer service, shopping space and offices as well as passenger flows, and to bring them up to the «major station» standards of Swiss Railways.

A further objective was to redefine the main traffic axes leading from the inner city.

Year 2014
Contact person Robin Kirschke
Client Swiss Federal Railways SBB Real Estate
Architects Itten+Brechbühl AG / GWJARCHITEKTUR AG
Project management Tekhne Management SA
Competition 1st Prize 2004
Start of construction 2010
Start of operation 2014
Floor area 24 600 m2
Construction volume 70 000 m3
Photos Vincent Jendly, Lausanne