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We have been architects and general planers. Since 1922.

At home in Switzerland, active throughout Europe. The demands made of buildings are becoming ever more complex, whether we look at hospitals, laboratories, airports or residential buildings. For every project we assemble the best possible specific team drawn from our roughly 300 specialists and generalists. Our solutions are tailor-made. And enriched by one essential element: good design.

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  • IttenBrechbühl Portfolio: selected projects from 1924 to today. Bern, Itten+Brechbühl AG, 2016. 263 pages
  • IttenBrechbühl Interior | Design | Signage: selected interior, design and signage projects. Bern, Itten+Brechbühl AG, 2017. 158 pages

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300 employees from 17 nations

People the focus of everything we do. 

We put people at the heart of what we do, in our architecture and in the company. That shapes our culture and the way we work together, in teams and with our partners and clients. Networks are important to us - within the company in order to put the best team together from across all our offices, and outside of it too, in order to get the best cooperation partner on board for each specific project. We are familiar with many different ways of working with external architects and specialists.

It requires strong internal values, and everyone must know the things that are important to us. To enable the whole project team to pull together. 

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Help to shape the future!

Looking for commitment, offering scope to pursue your ideas

You would like to work in a team and contribute your specific strengths to it? You are as fascinated by the creative process as by the need to control complexity in turning that process into reality? You are not daunted by the diversity of assignments, it spurs you on?

We shape the future from the present. Help to shape it with us!

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  • Aussenansicht
    1st Price
    Year 2015

    Special care home Lindehus, partial renovation of existing buildings and expansion, Turbenthal ZH

  • Ospedale Civico di Lugano
    2nd Price
    Year 2017

    Competition for the extension of Lugano Civic Hospital (Ospedale Civico)

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