Press release: Scott Sports moves to new headquarters

In April 2019, after three years of construction, Scott Sports moved to its new headquarters in Givisiez (FR). Up to 600 employees of the global sporting goods manufacturer have their new workplace there. Modern office concepts, sustainability and the latest technologies are a source of inspiration for the new building designed by architects and general planners IttenBrechbühl.

Scott Sports has been a success story for decades. In order to accommodate its worldwide growth, the company has built a new headquarters for up to 600 employees.

«In this new building, we are focusing on Scott's values: sustainability, orientation to the future and the latest technologies» says Beat Zaugg, CEO Scott Sports.


Distinct Features and Timeless Design

Located in the commercial district of Givisiez, the new structure embraces a central atrium as high as the building, which is accessed via an impressive staircase leading from the entrance to the auditorum in one flowing motion along a curved wall. The client areas are arranged at the sides of this sensual Agora. The cafeteria and restaurant set the scene on the ground floor, complemented by a showroom with a view on the outdoor environment.

The offices are located on the four upper floors. The open layout promotes lively exchange and idea development, while enclosed focus rooms are available for concentrated work. The chosen structural system anticipates future changes. The office spaces are equipped with the latest Soft Cells ceiling sails, which regulate a comfortable room climate, acoustics and basic lighting.

The micro-perforated, sun-controlled aluminium façade filters daylight into the interior and the tintable, electrochromic glass of the ground floor façade makes for a fluid transition between interior and exterior. The dynamic sun shading on the upper floors and the high-tech plinth façade reveals the activity inside and piques the viewer’s curiosity.

Playful Contrast

The new building and surrounding grounds convey a strong sense of identity. The generous incident daylight accentuates the vertically structured wood louvres and the rough floor, with natural, classic tones imparty calm to the offices.

Arc award BIM Gold 2017

The BIM method as a working instrument of the future attracted the attention of experts beyond the design of the building. In 2017 IttenBrechbühl was awarded Gold in the Arc Award for BIM in the collaboration category for the project Scott Sports Headquarter.

As with every BIM project, the objectives for the building were initially set out in a project development plan. The focus was on quality assurance and interdisciplinary cooperation. In addition, IttenBrechbühl wanted to gain experience with model-based quantity determination. The most important prerequisite was the smooth exchange of data. IttenBrechbühl relied on the open data model IFC (SN EN ISO 16739), which transports data in addition to 3D geometry.

Key facts

  • 7 floors
  • 440 stairs
  • 480-600 working seats
  • 50 meeting rooms
  • 25,865m² overall area / 4,072 m² footprint
  • 4,000m² of showrooms
  • 760 days construction phase: (6.6.2016-30.04.2019) 
  • 550 people involved in construction and planning
  • 5783m² surface covered with glass
  • 880 motors to manage aluminum screens


Contact: Tima Kamberi, project leader Headquarter Scott Sports, 031 340 81 11,

Photos: Pictures in high resolution can be downloaded here.

Press kit: A press kit with background information can be found here.