We means «us». We don’t belong to anybody, never have. This makes us independent and shapes our culture. We focus on people and their environment. In architecture as well as in our company. As a traditional Swiss company, quality is our top priority.

Innovation is the driver we use to help shape the future and create sustainable solutions. Respect for our clients and employees is a matter of course, and defines the way we interact with one another. Openness – both internally and externally – provides clarity and is the basis for mutual trust. We support sustainability out of principle: We are one of very few Swiss general planners who can provide references for all existing environmental certificates. 

Our commitment as a sponsor of cultural and sports events and as a training organisation is an investment in our own future and that of the next generation to whom we impart our knowledge.

Effective network

We are very active in the leading associations and competence centres such as the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) and the Sustainable Construction Network Switzerland (Netzwerk Nachhaltiges Bauen Schweiz, NNBS) – with one goal: we want to help shape the future.

People at the centre of everything we do

In our daily work with architecture, people and their ideas, wishes, and needs are always our first concern. We want to create spaces for people that inspire.

In our cooperation with our clients and project partners, we are aware of the power of a common goal. All parties involved in a project must complement one another’s capabilities and live by the principle of interdisciplinary teamwork. Communication must be clear, transparent, and respectful.

For our employees, we want to create an environment that forms the foundation for outstanding performance: the joy of doing what we do.