Zum Lamm Residential and Care Centre, Basel BS

The ensemble comprising the Zum Lamm centre for the elderly in the historic old town of Kleinbasel consists of two listed buildings linked by a central section dating from the 1980s. The northern side of the ensemble gives onto a narrow mediaeval lane, while the view to the south is of a green courtyard.

In historic illustrations, the south- and north-facing sides of the buildings create very different impressions. The development dating from the 1980s supplants these two aspects with contemporary details that move it into the foreground.

The Residential and Care Centre is now suitable for modern use thanks to the comprehensive renovation. The focus is on restoring the contrasting moods created by the buildings facing the lanes and those giving onto the courtyard. On the basis of historical images, the façades are restored to something approaching their original guise – but without resorting to historicising elements.

Client Bürgerspital Basel
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
General planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
General contractor Marti Gesamtleistungen AG
Planning 2018
Start of construction 2019
Start of operation 2021
Floor area 4210 m2
Beds 64
Photos Yohan Zerdoun