University Hospital Basel, Emergency Department Conversion

Space for extreme, exceptional situations

The number of patients was steadily rising and the equipment was only barely up to modern-day standards: The ward which opened in 1977 was in urgent need of conversion. This was duly accomplished within the space of a mere nine months while normal operation continued. High-quality performance is guaranteed by the highest possible technical and organisational standard of treatment processes. Great architectural sensitivity is especially warranted in the emergency ward as the people there are in an abnormal situation and may well be very anxious. That is why we took care to create a pleasant, attractive atmosphere. Another special feature is the colour scheme. Its primary purpose is also to provide orientation and contribute to the atmosphere.

Client Universitätsspital Basel
Architect/General planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Competition 1st prize 2004
Planning 2004
Start of operation 2005 (9 months conversion)
Floor area 1000 m2
Construction volume 3700 m3
Photos Ruedi Walti, Basel