UBS branches, throughout Switzerland

A unique challenge

The bank UBS has adapted all of its branches within Switzerland to conform to a new operating concept. As project manager for the owner, IttenBrechbühl ensured that the project management between owner, general planner, and executing total contractor was consistent nationwide. The cascade-like communication and information activity was of central importance to the task. Costs were centrally controlled, while scheduling was defined locally and quality assurance adhered to a country-wide standard. The project management body for the owner thus consisted of a team effort on local, smaller and larger construction sites across the entire country to implement UBS’s new concept.

IttenBrechbühl supported the client from the planning stage all the way to the completion of the last branch office. The mandate mainly consisted of the following services:

  • Ensuring consistent project management
  • Ensuring communication between owner, GP und TC
  • Schedule management
  • Tracking of change management as workflow on a data platform
  • Control of construction preparation, cost estimate, planning, award process to subcontractors
  • Enforcement of adherence to the architecture manual and project handbook, the PQM, etc.
  • Quality inspections on the sites
  • Management and documentation of the commissioning process

Auditing and analysing the TC’s final invoices

Contact person

Beat Gafner

Client UBS AG
Construction Agency Services Itten+Brechbühl AG
Designer FITCH
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Number of offices 302
Planning and construction mock-up Mai – July 2010
Planning and construction pilot projects July – November 2010
Planning and construction offices September 2010 – 2014 

Sandra Stampfli, Bern