Train station Basel SBB – west wing

The west wing at Basel SBB station represents an optimal location for high-quality commercial space and restaurants. In view of the monument preservation aspects, the original spatial structure from 1907 was restored as best as possible. The installations in the SNCF hall were removed so that the hall can once again be experienced in its full dimension. The cross passage between the SNCF hall and the ticket hall was restored to its original two-storey size. This connection is of central importance not only for the flow of people, but also for the shops and restaurants which are accessed from the cross passage. The intervention in the historic halls was reduced to the restoration of the wall panelling and the replacement of the glass skylights.

A large area for a supermarket was built in the newly created basement under the hall. The rooms on the upper floors offer space for offices in a central location. The preserved elements from 1907 were gently renovated. The choice of colours and materials was made in close cooperation with the Basel Department for the Preservation of Historical Monuments.

IttenBrechbühl assumed the implementation planning in the realisation phase and supported the external construction management until commissioning.  

Client SBB AG Immobilien
Architects Itten+Brechbühl AG / ARGE Roost, Menzi & Bürgler
Construction management CSG Baumangement AG
Planning starting 2019 – 2021
Start of construction 2016
Start of operation 2021
Floor area 16 462 m2
Photos © Cartes Fotografie