Tender support Spitäler FMI AG, Interlaken BE

Spitäler fmi AG intends to replace House E at its Interlaken locations with a new structure on the same site. As a first step of the 2-phase process, 6 to 8 architecture teams were prequalified. In the second phase, the teams were then admitted to participate in a project competition according to SIA 142. The client planned to award the construction contract to the competition project recommended by the jury. The builder’s project manager was responsible to the hospital for the phases and on-schedule competition process. He represented the builder as part of a jointly defined competence regulation to the experts (jury, operational experts, spatial planning).

Services by IttenBrechbühl:

  • Preparation of the process programme in cooperation with the builder  – based on a 1-phase process with anonymous project competition and prior prequalification
  • Establishment of the necessary project organisation for running the competition
  • Running and mediating the project competition (incl. preliminary check and judging). Services (e.g. preparation of jury report) assigned depending on jury composition
  • Preparation of the jury report with documentation of the two-phase process
Contact person Beat Gafner
Client Spitäler fmi AG, Spital Interlaken
Construction Agency Services Itten+Brechbühl AG
Architect Brügger Architekten AG, Thun BE
Start of mandate August 2014
End of mandate September 2015
Total investment about CHF25mn
Visualisation Brügger Architekten AG, Thun BE