SUVA Rehabilitation Clinic, Sion VS

Humanity and a feeling of security are central

Due to growing requirements in terms of the admission, nursing and care of patients, it was necessary to enlarge the existing SUVA Clinic in Sion. The new building, inaugurated in February 2015, extends the Clinique Romande de Réadaptation (CRR) rehabilitation clinic. The research departments can be merged and the sports medicine section reinforced. Space for labs and offices was planned in order to accommodate a Chair for Neurosciences for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. The well thought-out distribution of space gives patients a feeling of security and well-being. Humanity and a feeling of security are the top priorities.

Contact person Robin Kirschke
Client Schweizerische Unfallversicherungs-Anstalt (SUVA), Sektion Bauten, Luzern

New construction

Architects/general planners Itten+Brechbühl AG / Tekhne Management SA / Karl Steiner SA
Competition 1st rank 1994
Start of construction 1996
Start of operations 1999
Floor space 27 400 m2
Construction volume 130 000 m3
Photos Heinz Preisig, Sion / Robert Hofer, Sion

First extension

Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG, Tekhne SA
Planning 2012
Start of construction 2013
Start of operations 2015
Floor space 6290 m2
Construction volume 25 580 m3
Photos Robert Hofer, Sion