Socio-educational Institution, Lavigny VD

Following the model of organic structures

The Institution de Lavigny, a charitable foundation, specialises in the care of people with neurological disorders. The existing buildings are complemented by the new construction.

The planning is based on analogies with organic structures. Each of the three cells is designed with its specific function in mind - and fits rigorously into the structure as a whole. The site is designed in such a way that new cells can be added.

The three buoyant-looking pavilions form an entrance and reception area reminiscent of an open hand. The room geometry with its striking, open angles allows staff to quickly gain sight of the various living spaces - in the interests and for the protection of the patients.

Year 2010
Contact person Robin Kirschke
Client Institution de Lavigny
Architects /general planners Itten+Brechbühl AG und Tekhne SA
Competition 1st rang 2007
Planning 2007
Start of construction 2009
Start of operations 2010
Floor space 4800 m2
Construction volume 23 000 m3
Minergie P-ECO
Capacity 72 people
Photos Pierre Boss, Renens / Laszlo Horvath, Bern