SBB Station skywalk, Basel

Brought to light

The station skywalk in Basel designed by Cruz-Ortiz/Giraudi & Wettstein stretches over the tracks like a metal and glass sculpture. This elegant new construction is not only a gain in terms of station logistics, it is also feat of urban design. On the one hand, the skywalk directs the flow of passengers to the platforms and on the other, it is designed as a connecting element between two parts of the town. The light skywalk leads the heavy streams of pedestrians from the dark underground into the light. The wide hall offers copious space, also for shopping which is arranged along the sides. Construction of the skywalk was a logistically demanding enterprise as the building which is designed like a bridge, had to be erected while the station was in full operation.

Year 2003
Contact person Andreas Jöhri
Client Schweizerische Bundesbahnen AG, SBB/CFF/FFS
Architects Cruz-Ortiz, Sevilla (E) / Giraud&Wettstein, Lugano
Realization Itten+Brechbühl AG
Competition 1st prize 1996
Start of construction 2001
Start of operations 2003
Skywalk 6000 m2
Southern wing 14 260 m2
Admissions building 1800 m2
Commercial area 6300 m2
Parking spaces 2nd & 3rd basement floors 176
Awards 2003 Silberner Hase award/ Hochparterre/SFDRS
Photos Manfred Richter, Reinach