Residenza Vivere blu, Ticino

 ... and then the world will be truly at your feet

Situated high above Lake Maggiore, this residence exerts a fascination which emanates from its architecturally simple, straightforward and minimalistic language of form. Snuggled tight to the slope, the residence comprises eight large apartments in two flat, interconnected structures.

Privacy is maintained at all times as each apartment has its own access coming from the parking levels. From there onwards it is as if you were living in a single villa - because the structures are so cleverly interwoven and juxtaposed that no-one is overlooked but the wide views are always open.

You feel as if you are floating: floor to ceiling window fronts look onto the lake, the floor plans are generously open and a terrace instils that holiday mood.

Year 2014
Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client ZO 1 AG
Architect and General Planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Construction Management Charles de Ry
Planning 2006
Start of construction 2010
Start of operation 2014
Floor area 1710 m2
Housing units 8
Photo Hannes Henz, Zürich