Quarter «Glasi», Bülach ZH

On the site of the former glass factory in Bülach Nord, the «Glasi», an urban, lively quarter for everyone, is being developed. With around 560 apartments and more than 20,000 m2 commercial space, the new quarter offers lots of room for living, working, and being. An essential element is the courtyard, which is designed in the shape of four larger, triangular spaces and intended to serve as a meeting place.

The greatest challenge is the management and coordination of seven sub-projects with a total of 21 separate buildings and a 3-level underground parking garage into one open, aggregated master model as an OpenBIM project in IFC. The planning team and the planning process, which is entirely conducted using the BIM method, are both managed by the partnership of DUPLEX Architekten and IttenBrechbühl.

Full-service general contractor: STEINER AG
Development partner: BGZ; Logis Suisse; STEINER AG
Urban development and Design: Duplex Architekten AG
Project and execution planning: Planergemeinschaft DUPLEX Architekten; Itten+Brechbühl AG


Contact person Hulliger Benjamin
Urban development, project and execution planning Duplex Architekten AG; Itten+Brechbühl AG
Start of construction 2018
Start of operations 2023
Floor space 96 000 m2
Construction volume 464 137 m3
Apartments 550
Parking spaces 640
Visualisations Duplex Architekten AG