New multi-purpose centre for training and target practice on Monte Ceneri TI

The project was conceived like a tunnel that merges into a main header and can include all general functions. It is located in the «excavation pit». The «excavation» represents the preparatory element required for the realization of the «tunnel» and is the location of the company building. The lines of fire are set up in the tunnel with an optimized and superimposed system which is able to reduce the user's traffic in the head area to a minimum and optimize system technology, especially with regards to ventilation and air exchange.

The constructive concept in the form of a tunnel enables to optimize and reduce the measures for noise protection, heat loss to the outside (underground temperature with lower temperature differences) and for the finishing of roofs and facades (reduced to a minimum) and, above all, this concept allows the floor to leave completely free on the surface. This element becomes the protagonist for a re naturalisation and topographical clean-up in order to give the existing stream a new natural course, to restore the local game passage as best as possible and, in particular, to use the excavated material without the need for further movements outside the site.

The new natural topography contrasts with the static character of the buried tunnel, while the head protrudes like a small punctual pavilion, where all activities that require outside vision and natural light are organised. The pavilion clearly shows the entrance to the tunnel and shows itself as a privileged element, it enjoys a 360 degrees view of the surrounding naturalistic ambience.

Client Cantone Ticino – Dipartimento delle finanze e dell'economia
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
General planner and Civil Engineer Pini Swiss Engineers SA
Civil Engineer Comal.CH SA
Landscape Architect Bryum GmbH
Engineer RVCS Rigozzi Engineering SA
Electrical installations Elettronorma SA
Building physics EcoControl SA
Fire protection specialist TEA Engineering Sagl
Floor area 19'200 m2
Construction volume 102'000 m3
Budget 60 mio. CHF
Visualisations DOM Images
Plans Itten+Brechbühl AG
Models Modelli Marchesoni