New construction Glockenacker, Zurich

Buildings dating from the 1950s

The character of the Glockenacker area in Zurich's Witikon district is defined by buildings dating from the 1950s that no longer meet present-day requirements. 

In terms of geometry as well as orientation, the five new replacement buildings containing 59 high-end rental apartments reflect the situation of their surroundings. The structures only appear to be identical: the minimal differences in depth between them respond to the slightly conical geometry of the plot. Utilisation of the plot will be substantially increased thanks to the new buildings. An underground parking facility located parallel to the road provides the axis for accessibility and the foundation for the development.

The Hünerwadel Partnership's architecture revisits elements of the 1950s, transposed in time: the façade, for example, features striking window surrounds and a variety of renderings. The project responds to the inclined situation with a split-level solution. All the apartments include outdoor spaces: terraces for the attic apartments and balconies for the units on other floors. 

This residential complex, which is compliant with the Minergie standard, is heated by renewable energy from geothermal probes.

Client Baugesellschaft Glockenacker
General planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2016
Start of operation 2018
Apartments 59
Floor area 5800 m2