Multi-family building, Lugano-Brè TI

The area on which plot No. 531 stands in the municipality of Lugano-Brè is characterised by residential buildings, mainly multi-family, in a low-density urban context, and the area of the historic core, which, by contrast, is compact. The buildings on the adjacent plots all have main views to the south.

The plot lies in a rectangle oriented along the north-south axis and has a fairly steep slope towards the south, which ends along via Pezzora with an embankment and a retaining wall. It currently borders the road to the south and also 6 plots that are not built on.

The morphology of the land will be respected and will only be remodelled in the southern part, creating a green slope, and eliminating the high retaining wall on the south. The parking area along the road will be eliminated in favour of a green space while creating a ramp leading to the new garage.

The positioning of the project volume is located near the catchment of the current building that will be demolished, without radically altering the visual impact, but seeking to maintain the proportions and dimensions in which the building is lodged in the ground.

The project is presented as a simple and compact volume that is adapted to the terrain. The shell is made of Porotherm and has a plaster finish. It is oriented towards the south, where the main facade is characterised by two light and separate elements, which house the large external terraces opening up towards the landscape and the lake. The position of the light volumes of the terraces offers all apartments an optimal view while at the same time guaranteeing privacy.

Video outdoor tour

Video indoor tour

Video of the model

Contact person Lidor Gilad
Client TIB Projektentwicklung AG
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Start of construction 2017
Start of operations 2020
Floor space 1,600 m2
Construction volume 4,160 m3