Lyssbachpark Sites B + F, Construction of housing estate, Lyss BE

The estate in the centre

Because Lyss lies mid-way between Bern and Biel, the Canton of Bern has incorporated a former industrial site near the station in its priority programme for economic development. A new housing estate has been built in the western section of the site.

This comprises around 140 flats for rent or private ownership in seven six-storey blocks, flats which feature clear lines, a lot of light and opportunities for individual design. The strict cube-shaped design of the buildings is as striking as the strictly geometrical arrangement of the windows. The balconies lighten the visual impression of the structures. Friendly hues of yellow, orange and red characterise the picture.

Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client PM Management AG  / Oltra AG Totalunternehmung
Architects /general planners Itten+Brechbühl AG
Start of construction 2006
Start of operations 2008
Floor space 16 000 m2
Housing units 141
Surface area 12 500 m2
Parking spaces 72
Photos Alexander Gempeler, Bern