Lysbüchel school building, Basel BS

Since 12 October 2020, the schoolchildren have been the first inhabitants of the new district of Lysbüchel at their primary school. Breaktime overlooking the roofs of Basel, the three-storey climbing tower and the temporary urban wasteland landscape is over too quickly when the bell rings for the next lesson. Lysbüchel primary school was the first central building block of the urban area development of Volta Nord. Little by little, the 12-hectare area will now be filled with apartments for 1,900 residents as well as workplaces with 3,000 jobs.

Out of the former Coop warehouse, a primary school for twelve classes along with two kindergartens have been created with rooms for everyday use. The existing buildings were reconstructed from the supporting framework, increased by two storeys and extended, with escape balconies all around. The lower floors have space for technical classes, as well as music and exercise rooms. The classrooms are distributed around floors 1 to 3. The large leisure areas of around 100 m2 on each floor are characteristic. There is an outdoor staircase that fits in with the natural urge of children to move, and a climbing net that spans three levels. Floors 4 and 5, which have been added to the building, house a two-level hall and the school library. The roof terrace, covering an area of some 850 m2, accommodates a space for spending breaktimes, which complements the school garden on the ground level.

The school building project, as well as the basic construction of the adjacent office building on the eastern side, came about under the leadership of IttenBrechbühl. This was one of the initial projects from the area development being carried out in cooperation with the real estate organisation Immobilien Basel-Stadt and the building department.

Client Immobilien Basel-Stadt
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Construction management Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2017 - 2019
Start of construction February 2019
Start of operation October 2020
Floor area 7803 m2
External surface 2316 m2
Photos Yohan Zerdoun