Linde Private Clinic, Biel/Bienne BE

Long-term planning and meeting tough demands

In spite of its different construction phases, the entire complex of the Linde private clinic is fairly uniform. IttenBrechbühl was awarded the contract to develop a master plan which is divided into ten stages.

The day surgery centre, the first stage, was realised in 2012. The conversion of the entrance area to radiology and the installation of the third MRI in the Linde clinic were completed in 2014.

The biggest stage, the replacement of the building north of the existing clinic, will be constructed from 2015 to 2017. 10 beds each on the 1st and 2nd floors will increase capacity of the bed floors. The two connected floors will also house offices, recreation rooms and room service, the latter going to show the standards which the Linde Clinic meets.


Interior Design

Hospital planning in ten phases. Thanks to the new arrangement of units and their entrances in the outpatient surgery centre, patients are guided and treated more efficiently and more comfortably. The strict colour and materials concept of warm, natural tones is emphasized by the addition of wood surfaces and gives the facility a timeless, professional flair.


Year 2015/2017
Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client Linde Private Clinic, Biel/Bienne
Architect /general planner Itten+Brechbühl AG

Refurbishment and expansion of the Radiology Department

Planning October 2013 – April 2014
Start of construction May 2014
Start of operations January 2015
Floor space 890 m2
Fotos Alexander Jaquemet, Erlach

North annex

Planning April 2014 – August 2015
Start of construction Sept. 2015
Start of operations Dez. 2016
Floor space 3300 m2
Visualisations Christoph Opperer, Vienna