LIDL Headquarter (Switzerland), Weinfelden TG

The building is located at the edge of the city in the eastern industrial park and is accessed diagonally via a crossroads. The two upper storeys are a transparent body of glass hovering above a massive, recessed ground floor with various special uses and a generous employee area with fitness centre and employee restaurant. The upper floors house the office space, which is designed in an open space concept allowing for flexible structuring of the space as required. 

The stairs from the ground floor to the office floors can be turned into a communication and representation area with a few simple steps – every two joined steps form a bench for sitting. Premium materials such as oak, the textile seat cushions, and the bright location with a view of the outdoors invite employees to linger for a spontaneous informal chat.

Drone-Flight over the LIDL Headquarter

Contact person Till Roggel
Client LIDL (Schweiz)
Architect/General planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2016-2017
Start of construction 2017
Start of operation 2018
Floor area 19 100 m2
Construction volume 77 350 m3
Certificates Minergie ECO, DGNB Gold