Intercantonal Fire Brigade Training Centre ifa, Building F, Balsthal SO

A modern training facility with integrated auditorium was developed on the former Von Roll site in Balsthal, SO, for the Intercantonal Fire Brigade Training Centre ifa. Initial conversion plans for the existing buildings were adapted in favour of a more practical new structure.

The existing ifa buildings are grouped around a central square, whose function as a social area is reinforced by the new building and the radially designed landscaping. The existing buildings and the new structure are accessed from here. 

The training centre’s materials and colours, façade design and height refer back to the surrounding buildings; the structure blends in harmoniously and complements the overall ensemble. While the ground floor with its minimalist apertures and rough plastering appears formidable and solid, meandering bands lend a sense of dynamics worthy of a fire brigade training centre to the upper floors.

Contact person Hofschneider Stefan
Client Interkantonales Feuerwehr-Ausbildungszentrum
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2014-2016
Start of construction 2016
Start of operation 2017
Floor area 1547 m2
Construction volume 5875 m3
Photos Sandra Stampfli, Bern