Inselspital Bern, High-rise bed block, Polyclinic and Invasive Cardiology

The planning for the Invasive Cardiology unit began with a feasibility study. In particular, the interfaces with parallel projects had to be defined.

The cardiology project encompasses a department with two rhythmology labs, a department with three catheter labs, and the polyclinic with examination rooms and office facilities.
In the labs, the spatial coordination of building services was a special challenge because of the very limited space and coordination with medical technology. For the installation of the three monoplane and two biplane X-ray units, the structural and spatial possibilities had to be fully exhausted. The project was implemented under full operation.

Contact person Jürg Born
Client Insel Gruppe AG
Architect / General planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2013-2015
Start of construction 2014
Start of operation 2015
Floor area 850 m2
Construction volume 2800 m3
Photos Sandra Stampfli, Bern