Hospital AZ Groeninge, Courtrai/Belgium

A major complex on a human scale

Four clinics in Kortrijk have combined to form a regional clinic with 865 beds in order to offer the greatest possible diversity of diagnostic and treatment facilities.

A structure featuring courtyards and wings proved to be the ideal way to create manageable dimensions on a human scale - in conjunction with the prevailing three-storey design. The four-storey block A forms the centrepiece which houses all the technical, complex infrastructure, i.e. IC unit, operating theatres, labs, pathology, maternity wards and neonatal care. Thanks to the central location of this block, the connecting routes are short and easy to find. Blocks B, C, D and E will all be built around an internal courtyard when construction is finally completed.

Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client Algemeen Ziekenhuis Groeninghe v.z.w.
Architects Itten+Brechbühl AG, be baumschlager eberle, FDA arch. & Ing.
Competition 1st rank 2000
Planning 2000
Start of construction 2005
Start of operation 2017
Floor area 115 717 m2
Construction volume 489 485 m3
Photos Werner Huthmacher, Berlin