FMI Regional Hospital in Interlaken BE

The dispersed development of the eight hectare hospital site belonging to the local authorities of Weissenau is to be organised by means of structured development. A feasibility study for a new main building for the hospital complex has been drawn up on the basis of a strategic investigation. To enable a larger, higher building to be planned, the situation pertaining to building legislation had to be modified in the master plan. The new main entrance with a bus-stop directly outside will be located at the heart of the site; this central distribution point at the heart of the complex also connects the affiliated nursing college and the care home for the elderly besides the hospital. The new axis of greenery stretches from Weissenaustrasse to the river Aare and beds the structures into the open spaces.

Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client fmi Spital Interlaken, Unterseen
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Landscape architect Schifferli Landschaftsarchitektur
Traffic planners Kontext Plan
Utilisation Hospital, Administration, School, Services
Feasibility study 2014
Masterplan 2014/2015
Object planning from 2010
Construction from 2012
Useful area approx. 200‘000 m2
Area approx. 8 ha