Expansion of the Schlossmatt Centre, Burgdorf BE

Project information

In response to changed user requirements, the senior care home Zentrum Schlossmatt with currently 155 beds is planning a new structure with a total of 64 beds for the care of highly care-dependent seniors.

The two new buildings, however, are not intended to increase the total number of beds, but rather to adapt the infrastructure depending on the need for single and double rooms. The new structures are extensions with single rooms and common areas. They need to be connected with the existing infrastructure and the surrounding area. The aim of the project is a sustainable extension of the Zentrum Schlossmatt Region Burgdorf.

Urban planning / architectural concept

The square, two-story structures are offset from one another and located on the site parallel to its southern boundary.

The existing building type is maintained and together with the existing structures forms a unified, formative residential area. The offset arrangement ensures optimal lighting and views for all of the buildings.


The site is developed through the existing property and from the exterior. The vertical development systems are located in the core zone; the stairs are situated on the south and north sides of the facades. These can be lighted laterally through the outer building zone or by means of skylights. A loop walkway around the core zone accesses all rooms on the level.

Dementia garden

A generous dementia garden will be established on the grounds. It will be accessible directly from the ground floor of both houses.

Contact person Beat Gafner
Client Zentrum Schlossmatt Region Burgdorf
Construction administration Itten+Brechbühl AG
Architect FRB+ Partner Architekten AG
Full-service general contractor Marti Generalunternehmung AG, Bern
Planning 2012-2014
Start of construction 2014
Start of operations 2016
Floor space 3 700 m2
Construction volume 30 000 m3
Nursing beds 67
Photos Hans-Peter Thoma, Hindelbank BE
Visualisation Basler+Hofmann AG, Murten