Engelhof senior citizens' centre, Altendorf SZ

Embedded in the existing structures

The Engelhof senior citizens' centre was opened in 1983. The complex consists of a four-storey wing with beds and a two to three-storey service wing. It was necessary to modernise the building's energy efficiency and to expand the complex.

The extension is a five-storey masonry building which fits seamlessly with the older structure. It offers space for 35 rooms for the elderly and care rooms, care facilities, communal areas, rooms for technical equipment and ancillary rooms. There is also an indoor car park with 16 parking spaces. The central interior courtyard provides much light to the low structure. The bright rooms for the occupants are arranged along the courtyard and the façades.

The refurbishment and partial restructuring of the old buildings will be completed by 2016.

Contact person Kuno Zimmermann
Client Stiftung Seniorenzentrum Engelhof
Architect/Construction Management Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2013 - 2015
Start of construction 2014
Start of operation 2016
Photos Martin Stollenwerk, Zurich