Cantonal Laboratory, St. Gallen

Elaborate laboratory building

The window façade of the four-storey building is slightly recessed, and an element of the façade extends horizontally outwards at parapet height. Here the brisesoleils run on metal poles with the result that the outer façade shimmers with the incoming light which controls the blinds. The windows which are offset on each floor also contribute to the rich tension of the building.

Designed as a three-winged structure, the building is accessed through the core area and two corridors. The labs are to be found at the window façade. Flexibility was the top priority for the technical infrastructure. Installations are mounted on the ceiling and on each floor they form a closed circuit meaning that in the event of conversions, the individual floors can be set up independently of each other.

Contact person Christoph Arpagaus
Client Canton of St. Gallen Building Department, Municipal Works Services
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Competition 1st prize 1991
Start of construction 1998
Start of operations 2000
Floor space 5500 m2
Construction volume 22 000 m3
Parking spaces 500
Photos Michael Rast, St. Gallen