Campus for the Hospitality Management School (EHL), Lausanne VD

The project is in the image of rigour and excellence which form reputation of the EHL. It will host more than 3000 students on its new campus with the construction of 3 housing entities and academic and sports infrastructure. The iconic signature, above reception, is the visual indicator of the route from the entrance. A large canopy which houses the main stairs creates a bridge between existing buildings and the new housing. A 'connector' welcoming tours and various activities connects all the buildings, arranged organically in a vegetated area. The architectural design reflects the desire to expose all activities related to hotel operation for pedagogical purposes.

Contact person Robin Kirschke
Client EHL Real Estate SA
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2014-2016
Start of construction Autumn 2016
Start of operations 2021
Floor area 65 150 m2
Construction volume 200 000 m3
Parking spaces 1006
Visualisations nightnurse images gmbh, Zurich / maaars, Zurich