Burgergut Thun, Steffisburg BE

The Burgergemeinde Thun is expanding the residential and care facilities for seniors on the Burgergut in Steffisburg. Using a quality-assuring selection process, an architect was initially chosen to lead the interdisciplinary planning team. The project is currently in its implementation stage.

As the leading provider with a high level of professionality, the Burgergemeinde Thun is planning a «Senior Living» facility in a modern atmosphere and comfortable residential environment. The idea is given concrete shape by the construction of a new, four-story care home with 72 beds and 28 senior apartments. The senior apartments are 1.5 to 3.5 rooms in size. In addition, the landmarked restaurant «Schüür» is being refurbished and expanded. A new industrial kitchen that will serve the entire facility extends the project. The concept also includes a VOI shop on the ground floor of the care facility. The two new buildings are constructed according to the Minergie-P-ECO Standard.

The Burgergemeinde Thun is investing CHF46.5mn in the Burgergut site. The groundbreaking for the two new construction projects was in January 2016; completion is scheduled for the summer of 2018.

IttenBrechbühl is supporting the client from project management all the way to building completion. The mandate mainly consists of:

  • Overarching project management
  • Quality-assuring selection process for choosing the architect
  • Participation in builders’ meetings
  • Schedule management
  • Cost and project change controlling
  • Tracking of capital expenses
  • Quality control
  • Monitoring of construction work
  • Representation of the owners during the approval process
  • Ensuring proper project completion
Contact person Beat Gafner
Client Burgergemeinde Thun
Construction administration Itten+Brechbühl AG
Architect brügger architekten ag, Thun
Planification 2012 - 2015
Start of construction January 2016
Start of operation by stages, Spring 2017 - Summer 2018
Floor area 15‘000 m2
Construction volume, Costs CHF 49 mn
Visualisations brügger architekten ag, Thun / STUBE 13