Army Logistic Center Monteceneri TI, 1st stage - new construction east


As part of the army’s stationing concept, which calls for five army logistics centers in all of Switzerland, the former Monteceneri Armory was chosen as a location on the Southside of the Alps. From here, logistical and infrastructural responsibilities for all of southern Switzerland (TI, GR it.), the canton Uri, and parts of Upper Valais will be discharged.

Gradual adaptation of the infrastructure

The existing infrastructure will gradually be adapted to the new requirements. The first phase will include a comprehensive refurbishing of the Armory, in addition to the new building for the narrow-aisle warehouse. During the second phase, new structures for workshops and vehicle storage will be created on the other side of the cantonal road. This step will allow the workshops to be moved from Bellinzona to Monteceneri.

Information about the narrow-aisle warehouse

The new building satisfies the MINERGIE standard and has a total volume of 35,800 cubic meters at a height of 13 meters. The section facing the slope will be a semi-automated  narrow-aisle warehouse with a maximum capacity of just over 5,000 palettes. Optimized processes will allow for efficient flow of goods: All materials movements and deliveries are registered directly by the data terminals and read into the SAP system. The semi-automated narrow-aisle warehouse corresponds to modern civil infrastructure and ensures up-to-date data quality and thus a high logistic standard. The front part of the building is divided into three levels. The commissioning areas are on the ground floor. The first floor contains offices for employees of ALC as well as a room for storage and dispatch of materials. A re-equipping center with storage zone for personal gear of army personnel is on the second floor.

Contact person Salvatore Grillo
Client armasuisse Immobilien
Architect / General planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Start of construction February 2014
Start of operation May 2016
Floor area 8700 m2
Photos Marcelo Villada Ortiz, Bellinzona TI