Apartment complex ensemble, Kilchgrundstrasse, Riehen BS

A complex consisting of four apartment buildings with a total of 13 owner-occupied flats is being built at Kilchgrundstrasse 62-68. The currently under-deployed plot is now to be used to a fuller extent and the district will thereby be more densely populated. The four buildings fit harmoniously into the context of the area in terms of dimensioning and position.

With the detailed punctuated façade and an attic floor that tapers back, which is characteristic of the area, building no. 62 is well integrated into the street view. The garage door is recessed flush into the façade, maintaining a uniform and unobtrusive look at the front.

The three courtyard buildings are accessible via a private footpath along the eastern façade of property no. 62, and this leads to Meierweg. The three monolithic buildings stand in a spaciously laid out park. This monolithic character is intensified by the three full storeys and the outline of windows (across the rooms) in large units. The buildings are anchored due to the large wall sizes of the façades.

So as not to disrupt the cubic shape of the building, all private outdoor areas of the apartments are designed as loggias. The arrangement of these loggias means that the buildings merge in with the open areas in their vicinity.

The park connects the individual buildings together on one side, and also creates privacy between the properties thanks to the careful planting of grasses, bushes and trees. The tree stock along Meierweg has been retained. Those trees removed have been replaced by replanting.

Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Full-service general contractor Raumwerk AG
Planning October 2015 - 2017 Construction plan
2018 - 2022 Phase 31 - 53
Start of construction 2021
Start of operation 2022
Floor area ca. 3500 m2 (incl. parking garage)
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