Apartment complex Dornacherweg, Reinach BL

The plot is located in the Reinach (BL) district between Baselstrasse and Dornacherweg. To the east of the plot is steeply sloping woodland and a nature reserve in the Reinach heathland which runs as far as the Birs river.

The urban development concept provides for a division of the building complex into two structures, with these being offset from one another slightly in such a way as to form a public square on Baselstrasse. A delimited triangular semi-open courtyard area will be created in the rearward area. This serves as an ideal formal central area for the superstructure, generating a communal effect to help give it identity.

Towards Dornacherweg, the group of buildings is designed with three-storey porch structures, which reflect the residential buildings them around in terms of scale and characteristics.

Almost the entire building plot has cellars underneath it, and a sub-project will enable the development of two underground car parking spaces which will operate separately.

To synchronise with the scale that is typical of the area, the buildings are divided up vertically by means of the loggias and window formats. The loggias also enable the necessary noise shielding, with parapets that are closed towards Baselstrasse.

The apartments are rental properties with a living area of between 2.5 and 5.5 rooms, and the larger family apartments are predominantly located on the ground floor. The living space is organised in such a way that an open kitchen area adjoins the living room. All apartments have a good usable outdoor area with loggias which are at least 9 m2 in size.

Client Basellandschaftliche Gebäudeversicherung (BGV), Bürgergemeinde Reinach (BGR)
Architect and general planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2020 - 2022
Start of construction 2022
Start of operation 2023
Floor area 17 932 m2
Construction volume 56 677 m3
Parking spaces 116
Appartments 105
Commercial units 2