We see architecture as form and function made to measure
Winning the big contract is only part of it. In order to satisfy our standards, a project must go one step further and address the wishes of our clients. Our goal is to answer these questions to the best of our abilities. Our solutions are tailor-made.

As general planners we are complexity solvers
As one of the largest general planners in Switzerland with decades of experience we reliably implement major projects and always monitor the magic triangle of schedule – cost – quality: This is what we consider to be our mission.

  • A concept emerges from the location, the design brief, and through our own interpretation. Our architecture shapes spaces which, with their high practical value and ambience, evoke emotions. Our buildings pay homage to beauty above and beyond purely functional and technical demands. The questions we pose are ones of vision, of future scenarios, and of strategies.

  • We plan, monitor and control the entire process from the initial planning stage to completion and commissioning, and we keep a constant eye on the critical trifecta of schedule, cost, and quality. The experience we have gained from hundreds of complex construction projects has been distilled into practical tools. Our project managers regularly share their best practices, ensuring that all of their combined vast experience is on tap for all our projects.

  • Planning for us means more than merely drafting the construction documentation. Thanks to our comprehensive experience based on intensive dialogues with technical experts and with the authorities, we are able to cover every aspect relevant to the project.

  • Every month across Europe we turn planning results into real buildings to a value of around 30 million Swiss francs. We organise, coordinate and manage the entire construction process. The standards we set ourselves in terms of efficiency and quality represent our top priority and we pay special attention to logistics and to the critical path when we have complex projects to handle.

Our focus