IttenBrechbühl wins third prize in the competition for the new library in St. Gallen with the architects Aires Mateus e Associados in Lisbon

St. Gallen is a historical city which has been built up in the course of the centuries along the lines of different conditions associated with the urban and the human. The municipal agglomeration has developed from the desire for interaction. The building structures have created affiliations and identity. The alliances have formed a defensive belt. Developed zones next to undeveloped areas and potential development sites. The new library building is one of these places «beyond the border». An empty space.

The designing file in the city gives the opportunity to analyse the structure. The challenge of today is to simplify the city. In an area in which concentration is lower and therefore more valuable, it is vital to be selective regarding the values that are important. Instead of compression and compaction, people want more open and green areas in the city.

The new library simplifies and frees up; it does not bring additional cacophonous elements into the cityscape. The new build recreates the original characteristics of the area. The contribution to the project increases the urban area and extends the market square. It is an affirmation and a declaration which gives the square back to the people and creates an urban space for which everyone is longing.

Visualisations: Aires Mateus e Associados