Eröffnung Theaterbeiz «Vierte Wand» Konzert Theater Bern am 23. November 2018

Opening of the theater pub «Vierte Wand» Konzert Theater Bern on 23 November 2018

On Friday, 23 November 2018, the Konzert Theater Bern will open the theater pub «Vierte Wand» at Nägeligasse 1a in 3011 Bern.

In the afternoon, the audience can get their hands on colourful stage dresses at a costume shop and artistic appetizers from all areas of the theatre will be served from 8 p.m. onwards.

But why the «Vierte Wand» (Fourth Wall)? In theatre jargon, this is the famous imaginary wall between the auditorium and the stage. But since the Konzert Theater Bern couldn't make art without an audience, this wall is broken through. In the new theater pub you can sit at a table with the stage workers, listen to the in-house stage announcements and let the evening end together with the artists.

The «Vierte Wand», planned and built by IttenBrechbühl, is to become a lively meeting place for Konzert Theater Bern! 

Article in the «Berner Zeitung» from 19.11.2018 (in German)

Press release of the Presidential Directorate and Konzert Theater Bern of 19.11.2018 (in German)