IttenBrechbühl exhibits at the Venice Biennial of Architecture

On May 25th, IttenBrechbühl's contribution to the Architecture Biennale in Venice was presented to the public. The contribution is a spatial installation that demonstrates Ittenbrechbühl's competence on the basis of the SwissFEL project. At the same time, it shows an alternative approach to the urge to represent architecture. A simple, black cube stands quietly, but present in the room. A lettering and the outflowing light point to the entrance of the volume. Inside, a completely different world opens up: Backlit pictures make it possible to experience the building, which is over 750 metres long. The Free Electron Laser (FEL) stands in an absolutely controlled, technically highly precise room, which was created with the latest planning methods and which at the same time seems strange and fascinating. The result is an aesthetic of necessity, not an aesthetic of will. Thus, the SwissFEL building represents or symbolizes nothing - it simply is. ; or as Frank Stella put it:

what you see is what you see.*

* Frank Stella in a Q&A with Bruce Glaser and Donald Judd; Edited for the September 1966  Issue of ARTnews by Lucy R. Lippard

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Making of the contribution

SwissFEL according to Chevy Chase at the Venice Biennale