IttenBrechbühl presents hospital construction philisophy in China

The «China Yan'an Belt and Road Economic Development Forum» has taken place on 9 and 10 May in Xi'an. IttenBrechbühl as a leading provider of healthcare buildings in Switzerland presented its philosophy for hospital building and development, future trends in healthcare building and the possibilities of digitalisation with BIM. Afterwards, the specialists from IttenBrechbühl, architects Hongbao Li and Lidor Gilad, deepened their points of view during a discussion with the Mayor of Xi'an.

Since 2013, the «One Belt, One Road» project has been bundling China's goals of building an intercontinental infrastructure network between China and a total of 64 other Asian, European and African countries along the former Silk Road. Among other subjects, the project deals with the construction of health cities.