IttenBrechbühl in the special industry publication «Zukunft Bauen»

A new city quarter in 3D

IttenBrechbühl specialises in digital planning. With the new BIM method, the company can digitally build projects step by step on the computer screen every day, as is illustrated by the example of Glasi in Bülach.The building project and execution planning is carried out by the planning group of DUPLEX Architekten | IttenBrechbühl.

The Glasi development in Bülach in the lowlands of Zurich encompasses a completely new city quarter of 21 buildings, plazas, streets, alleys, businesses, restaurants, a hotel, a medical centre, and a seniors’ residence. In total, the quarter will have 550 apartments. Thanks to IttenBrechbühl’s extensive experience with BIM, the entire project team uses this method as an instrument of collaboration, communication, openness, and transparency.

Turn to page 10 to read how IttenBrechbühl and the entire project team successfully apply the BIM method in their daily work:

Zukunft Bauen

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